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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Blogging, like, this is so much harder than talking

Just a quick disclaimer to start but the thoughts and opinions that I write here are just mine, and don't represent USQ per se... now getting down to business.

One of the things that I do routinely as part of my job is talk, talk, talk. Anybody, that works in Indigenous education knows that relationships are the core of 'things working well' and mostly those relationships seem to have their roots in sitting and have a 'yarn'. In my case, I add in a coffee if I can.

But sitting here and talking in the abstract to (myself?) an unseen 'audience' feels a lot more difficult.
However, the idea of connecting to 'others' that are working in the area of Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogy, has an enormous appeal. Recently, I was blessed to make contact with a contemporary from another Australian University  and was blown away by what she and her team had been doing. And, although the humble steps that we have made @ USQ seemed negligible next to what they were doing, I was surprised to find that I could offer her some interesting links in return.

So, I embark on trying to link to my contemporaries in an effort to learn from the remarkable things they are doing and in turn, to share with them anything they might learn from me.

(big breath)

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